Monday, September 7, 2009

Red lipstick day one: Revlon Sinnamon lipstick

Red lipstick day one: I used Revlon's Crushed Velvet Lip Creme in Sinnamon. In summary: it's a red lipstick, except the outside's covered in silver glitter that are essentially irrelevant to the actual lipstick. This looks like a light pink on the Revlon website but they lie. It's a dark brownish red. Hell it's that colour in the tube. Seriously, the person who decided to put up a light pink swatch on that website must've been trippin.

And I don't think it's still on sale either. You can just get to the Revlon page surreptitiously, from google.

Other things I'm using: Victoria's Secret Mosaic blush in Godess, MAC studiofinish concealer in NW35, Rimmel eyeliner. The nail polish is NYC long-wearing nail enamel in Skin Tight Denim Creme.

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  1. revlon has some really good lipsticks. :) i like them.