Friday, September 25, 2009

Barry M blusher swatches

ltr: pink orchid, rose, strawberry, raspberry, apricot, terracotta

Since I'm unemployed newly graduated, today I had nothing much to do except some housework and browse job sites, so I walked into Superdrug and swatched all the Barry M blushers.

They're new in. It's taken Barry M forever to come up with blushers, but these look pretty good. They go for £4.50 each in Superdrug and are highly pigmented. Like most other Barry M products the blushers address your basic need, ie. to put colour on your face, so all the blushers look pretty matte and not shimmery, which is good I guess. I know people are turned off by shimmer in blushers sometimes because they're more mature and have strict job roles, etc. I know that the Barry M website describes them as sheer, and I reckon they could be applied sheerlyw, but they're pretty bright. You'll have to be careful to not go overboard with them.

My favourite out of the lot is Strawberry. It looks like a cute reddish pink on my skin and I'd buy it, except I've got quite a few blushers I don't use regularly and I feel a bit guilty buying more, especially when I'm not in education employment or training.

Apricot looks a vivid orange in the pan rather than apricot - I've never used any blushers that are quite so brazenly orange but I must admit I like it. It looks like it could give a really good burnt flush if used right. I'd like to see someone do a comparison between Apricot and the ever popular orange blush Nars Exhibit A.

The Terracotta: I thought it looked brown in the pan but it looks kind of mauvey/mauvey-brown on me. If you're ordering it off the internet and you think it's brown, well, it ain't. Maybe it'll look browner if you're fairer or have a cool skintone or something. I don't know. It's my second favourite and the most subtle of the lot.

I'd say all the colours look good on darker skin except for Pink Orchid, which looks a bit chalky and purply on me. It shows up easily, just looks a bit weird.


  1. they look really pretty but a bit chalky in the pic... maybe casue they are more matte?

    Thanks for the swatchesSS!

  2. I think it's because they're more matte... but the first two are pretty chalky on me, it's probably the colour.