Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jewel Kilcher: her makeup, and a Jewel-inspired FOTD

Remember Jewel Kilcher? Way back in the 90's she sang Foolish Games and yodelled, and hooked up with a rodeo cowboy. She's still in country music or something. Apparently she's writing for her new country album, and talked with AOL about clothes and makeup. In summary, she uses YSL Mascara, Armani foundation, MAC Brit Wit blushcreme and Midtone Sepia CCB, and Blinc Kiss Me eyeliner.

I know about this from a twitter post by James McMurtry. He sings country songs and is really rather good but not that popular it seems. He does gigs in London from time to time, I meant to see him the last time he was here but haven't yet.

To celebrate this rediscovery of Jewel I'm doing a Jewel-inspired FOTD.

It's a bit much so I toned it down. I also don't have bright pink blush or that lipstick - I'm a bit afraid of bright colours, this makeup blog thing is kinda helping me with that.

What I used:

Eyes: Rimmel eyeliner and Benefit Bad Gal Lash, MAC Waternymph eyeshadow, the purple colour from the Sleek Originals palette, Bourjois Ombre Stretch in Violet Profond.
Cheeks: MAC X-Rocks
Lips: MAC Craving lipstick

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