Wednesday, August 12, 2009

True Blood makeup

True Blood season 2 episode 8 - sweet Jesus. What's up with those cowboy vampires. What's up with TV Jesus Godric being so entirely different to book paedophile Godric? (I'm pretty sure he's going to blow up in the next episode, by the way.) And more importantly, what's up with Bon Temps? Is the rest of the country filled with Greek mythological figures and stock horror movie characters and fucked-up murders as well or is Bon Temps just some crazy supernatural hotspot?

Sookie had some kind of pretty pink lipstick on:

Jessica's lipstick was a corally light pink similar to her bra. I think they've used a colour like this on her before:

Yep, in episode five her lips are corally pink like her blouse.

She had cute little white wedges on this week.

I'll miss Sarah Newlin and her sweet little chirpy crazy pageant queen self.

They've put a shiny light eyeshadow and a shiny lipstick on for her to shoot paintballs at people. Clinique's Extreme Pink looks a bit like that on me, though you can never really tell with screencaps. She has a really really nice peachy blush on.

I like Lorena's locked-in-a-room look better than her glam catfight one:

Nude lips and black eyeliner.

I know she's a vampire and is supposed to be pale and all that, but her blush is too stark here for my liking. I like how matte, defined, and retro the lips are though.

Maryann cooked Daphne's HEART, which is pretty fucked up. What does she want from Tara? I can't figure it out. She's got some generic smokey purple eyeshadow look and a browney-pink lipstick.

Lafayette comes through with more interesting eyeshadow than the ladies. Last week he was seen applying makeup in the ladies' with what is possibly a Smashbox brush:

Sunday he had on like a light gold eyeshadow over a slatey grey/black colour. Lafayette is fly.

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