Friday, August 14, 2009

Glitter Nails

It's my birthday tomorrow! So I painted my nails a suitably special colour.

Sally Hansen nail polish in Perfect Cherry. I bought it from the pound shop some time back and it doesn't actually wear very well, only about three days (bearing in mind I do wash my hands several times a day) but it looks really hot. Sometimes my Poundland has some good stuff in it, but usually it just has the Revlon Vital Radiance stuff and some not very exciting Rimmel stuff.

I painted over it with another polish I got from the pound shop. It's a Revlon colour called Hot Roxx, which is a very very sheer purplish pink with loads of purple and hot pink glitter. It's no good on its own because it needs a few coats, but it's good on top of other polishes, especially black, purple, and red. I normally use it as a pinkifying glitter topcoat. I can't find it on the actual revlon website and when I google it I find one review and a bunch of what I reckon are Polish pages, so I'm guessing it's from Revlon Poland, but maybe it isn't.

On top of Perfect Cherry:

I'm not very good at applying nail polish.

I also painted my toes. I have long, not very nice toes, and at some point I also injured my big toe and it's mended a bit wonky, but here's a picture of them anyway:

Judge not the feet.

I used a Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish in Pompous, and the Revlon Hot Roxx thing. Pompous is a dark purple with loads of glitter. I'm actually quite fond of these Rimmel 60 seconds nail polishes. They aren't thin and watery and apply easily, and last a decent time (about a week) - better than the Sally Hansen above. The best thing is they come in loads of colours and are cheap, and not only that, Rimmel stuff is often on offer in Superdrug, so you can get 3 colours for the price of 2.


  1. I like the cherry nails! Very chic!

  2. Love the purple toes!

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