Friday, August 7, 2009

Nails Inc Jermyn Street

I'm not a huge nail person. I have possibly about ten nail polishes max. Sometimes I wear the same colour on my fingers and toes, usually because I'm lazy, and I wear shoes. Apparently this is either tacky or outmoded, for reasons I haven't discerned or just don't have the good taste to grasp - these explanations seem to usually involve twinsets and pumps with sensible heels not being cool, and the holy eighties terror of wearing denim with denim. I know it's a major nail rule to just not match. I just flaunt this rule flagrantly.

I've never had acrylic wraps or little flowers or any of that fancy nail stuff, although sometimes I feel I'd like to. I just need short nails since I need to work with bacteria and things in my course (although I wear gloves), and I cook and scrub dishes etc. etc. and do many things that will either destroy my polish or will make me paranoid that strange things will get stuck under my long nails.

So Fabulous mag had a Nails Inc offer, where you pick from a choice of full-sized Nails Inc polishes and pay £1 or something for shipping. I picked Jermyn Street because I wanted a professional-looking colour for interviews and suchlike. They mailed it to me and I reckon I received it some time late last week.

Jermyn Street is a new colour for Fall and is described on their website as a soft taupe. It came out darker than expected and I reckon it's a bit purplish and just that little bit edgy (for a taupe) on me. You can buy it for £10.50 from


  1. You're so lucky that yours came so quickly.. I've been waiting all week for mine and only today got the confirmation email that it had been posted. I just hope this RM strike doesn't hold it up for too long.

  2. Beauty Gumbo and Cristina: Thanks. I do like it, I might even buy it full price if I run out and I'm feelin a bit flush.

    Rahmnousia: That sucks. I've lost things in the post during the RM strikes. Hope yours arrives.