Friday, August 7, 2009

MAC Graphic Garden brush sets

Okay, Graphic Garden has come out in the UK and I do want something from it - haven't wanted anything in a while since Sugarsweet (I got Aquavert). I know this collection hasn't interested lots of people but I reckon it's a good one for the average person who doesn't really have lots of makeup. There's a neutral-pink everyday eyeshadow palette and a brighter going-out one, and there's a softer everyday lip bag and a darker lip bag for going-out as well. I haven't got any good brushes and I do want the 187 brush except I can't justify spending that kind of money on a single makeup tool, but a set - a set should be okay. It comes down to less than ten quid for a brush. I heard that the brushes in the sets are of lower quality than the full size ones but I'm not a professional makeup artist and it'll probably be all the same to me anyway.

I can't decide which brush set is better. The Shape-and-Define brush set with the 187SE duo-fibre brush, the 168SE contour brush, a concealer brush (194SE) and two eyeshadow brushes. I could presumably use the 212SE flat definer brush for eyeliner and the 275SE as a sort of all-purpose eyeshadow thing, but if I get this I mainly want it for the 187 brush. The Define-and-Blend set seems to be more basic - it has a blush brush (129SE), a foundation brush (190SE), an eyeliner brush (209SE), a 'pencil' brush (219SE) and an eyeshadow shader brush (252SE). At first glance the second set seems more useful since it has the multi-purpose 129 brush and I don't need a concealer brush at all, and I could use the pencil brush in the Define-and-Blend set for concealer anyway. The 187 and 168 brushes are supposed to be good for pigmented blushes though and I have difficulty applying blush lightly sometimes. I guess when all the brushes are considered the Define-and-Blend set seems to make more sense for beginners like me.

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