Friday, October 9, 2009

Illamasqua Dixie cream blush

My mama came over last week for my graduation. We went to lovely places like The Laden Showroom, Absolute Vintage, and Selfridges.

I bought Illamasqua's Dixie cream blush from Selfridges. I was debating between that and Rude, and my mama decided that Dixie looks more natural on my skin.

I personally prefer cream blushes to powder. I have a harder time blending in powder to achieve a natural look (it seems to sit on my skin more), and cream blushes are more convenient to carry around with me since I don't need a brush.

Dixie is supposed to be a peachy-pink but looks much more pink on me. My skin seems to suck the warm tones out of colours.

The texture is a lot wetter and more slippery to apply than Nars cream blushes. Nars' is definitely less oily but Illamasqua's is sheerer and easier to blend due to its texture. I find that Nars lasts longer on my skin. I dislike the texture of MAC blushcremes which are hard yet kind of greasy, so Illamasqua outshines MAC.

The prices for MAC and Illamasqua cream blushes here are the same at £16, but for 6g vs 4g. Nars is also cheaper than Illamasqua at £18 for 5.5g.

MAC and Nars cream blushes are both cheaper than Illamasqua, at
£16 for 6g and £18g for 5.5g, vs £16 for 4g. I like both, but prefer the drier texture of a Nars cream blush myself. I'd say it's a matter of personal preference.


  1. Thanks for the review! :)
    Whats your skin shade?

  2. I use the Bobbi Brown foundation stick in honey, I think I'm about a MAC NC43 or something similar. I use the MAC Studiofinish concealer in NW35.

  3. omg i'm in love with this lol can't wait to get it