Thursday, July 30, 2009

short skincare post

Status: knackered.

My skin is particularly terrible right now and I noticed little lines under my eyes - I haven't been moisturising my undereye area and have generally gotten careless about my skin since about September when my new course started. So I've got two new things: a night cream and an eye cream.

The Boots Botanics 'Eye and Lip Correction Serum' promises results in 4 weeks on the tube. It ain't exactly cheap at £8.80 and has all sorts of things including horse chestnut. I have faith in the Botanics products in general but I'm doing a pharmacognosy course and am probably biased in favour of Things With Plants. I'll be testing this over 4 weeks and I'll review it at the end.

The other thing I got is the Superdrug Vitamin E night cream because I thought I should start using one, and vit E will apparently reduce acne scars and stop lines forming, and I'm running out of money and it's less than three quid. I was going to get their Vit E oil but the top ingredient's mineral oil so I decided not to in case it broke me out further. I was thinking of making my own vit C serum but then realised I didn't have ascorbic acid or glycerin or anything else. I might get some vit C tablets and make a mask though. Or if I have some money at the end of the month I might get The Body Shop's vit C mask (it's got a fancier name) because it peels off, and that's fun.

Vit C Tablet Mask Recipe

vit C tablets (a small box in Superdrug is about 90p or something)
warm water

Smush together and put on your face until dry
Wash off or wipe with a cotton pad/cloth/etc.

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  1. How interesting! I knew vitamin C has lots of benefits but I didn't know it could help the skin too. Totally unrelated to skin care but when we have a baby goat born on the farm once with weak legs and she couldn't stand we tried giving her some vitamin E and it really helped! I like reading about the different benefits of vitamins, plants, etc. Thanks for the tips.